Some more above cloud pondering.

Off in the jet plane again, heading to Nairobi having just had the most fantastic week in South Africa. A country where first world and third world communities co-exist. It was different to what I had originally thought in some aspects, and similar in others. The places we visited ranged from community vege gardens in subsistence areas, cropping farms, government and industry bodies, horticulture, game farming and premium food production and marketing.

I found the farming very interesting as everyone was different, all had very successful businesses and were great thinkers. The last day consisted of meeting an incredibly wonderful lady called Christina who has started community gardens throughout a subsistence area of cape town growing vegetables. They produce enough to fill 400 boxes each week to the town people. The people run it and grow the food – for the people.


The land they are given to lease (which took over 10 years of negotiation) is often under power lines or on pure sand. Land that we wouldn’t consider doing anything with is the life of these people and particularly the ladies that look after it all. I’m honoured to be shown this side of the country as well as the farming and hope I can contribute some time in the future.

Cape Town country side – holy smokes! Words can’t describe it and photos definitely can’t – although I’ll put some up for an indication. I think I could be convinced to live down in the Cape Town area – even with no sheep!! – BIG call.



Flying over Mozambique or Zimbabwe, (my internal GPS system is not that good!) at the moment and the country is absolutely beautiful. Houses everywhere with what looks to be small farm lots between them and a few bigger farms also. The roads look to be dirt and there are a lot of areas of mountains and undeveloped land. Looks fairly green but hard to tell what the country would actually be like on the ground. The staff at DAFF in Pretoria said Zambia, Mozambique and Zimbabwe had some of the most fertile land in Africa.



One thought on “Some more above cloud pondering.

  1. I suspect that the small ‘farmer’ being able to take advantage of ‘waste’ land is going to be a recognisable and valid form of food production in the future. It gives the opportunity for those who can’t afford to buy good food, to be able to grow it and sustain more health in their families. It is also passing on the much needed knowledge and pride that we all need – that we can feed and look after ourselves. Greater reduction in health bills and greater pride in ourselves.

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