Winding down, winding up!

I thought this was an appropriate heading considering the stage I am at with regard to my year ahead. I am winding down in the last few days on the farm before I wind up again as I head off to Sydney for the contemporary scholars conference (CSC). This is where all the 2014 Nuffield scholars from around the world come together for 8 days of fascinating presentations and intriguing conversations! I am thoroughly looking forward to meeting all the other scholars and learning about what they do back in their respective countries.

Straight after the CSC, I leave with 4 other Aussies, 1 Canadian, 1 New Zealander, 1 Irish and 1 French on the Global Focus Program (GFP). First Stop – South Africa! We then go to Kenya, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and America. This trip is not purely sheep focussed but rather a look at Agriculture globally. I think we can learn a lot from other industries and relate this back to our own industry which excites me immensely. There is also benefit in knowing what is happening in other industries and how this could effect the sheep industry. You may gather by now, I’m quite looking forward to it!!

The farm is being left in good hands which is comforting to know as there is little I can do from overseas. Although improving sheep production is my core interest and topic, the next few post may not be all about sheep! I hope you enjoy reading on regardless, I will certainly enjoy sharing my views with you.


See you later girls.