Nuffield Study topic

Welcome all to my new Blog. It’s all very new but hopefully I will get the hang of it soon. I was awarded a Nuffield scholarship to study how Individual Animal Management can be used in the Australian sheep industry to improve production on farm. This blog will share some information I gather on what farmers are doing overseas to improve production on farm and what Australian farmers could do differently.

I first got interested in this a few years ago when I was observing the variation in our ewes and lambs. I got frustrated at the lack of information I had on my sheep to enable me to select the best from the worst and make some objective decisions. If we can identify the most productive sheep and multiply them, the production gains on farm could be much faster than traditional mob based management.

Statistics like lambing percentage have been the same for over 20 years (80%) and to me, this suggests there is enormous potential for improvement. There are many factors that would influence this figure and I can’t help but see that poor performing ewes could be one reason contributing to the lack of improvement in this area. Variation in growth rate of lambs is another area I have been also amazed at. Twenty kg difference in weaning weight in my twin lambs this year is something I want to investigate more!

I would like to thank Nuffield Australia and the William Buckland Foundation for giving me the opportunity to study this topic in more detail and I can’t wait to start!

Please post any questions or comments you have.

I hope you enjoy reading.